Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Katy Perry InStyle inside story pictures and how to get the look.....

So here as promised are the inside story pics to go with the InStyle cover I shot with Katy Perry. And how to get this SUPER GLAM LOOK!!!!!!!

Pretty hot don't you think. And here is how to get the look!!!!!

We started with the cover look. I blow dried the hair with Oribe Maximista volumising spray to give it the root lift and texture I wanted. I then curled and pinned one inch square sections of hair. I curled ends to roots and before curling I sprayed a little hair sprayed on each section. I curled the hair ends to roots to give more of a true curl than a wave. Once I had curled the whole head I let it cool down. Then I gave the hair a good brush with a Mason and Pearson brush until it sat into the wave pattern I wanted. I then back combed the roots to give a little extra root lift. And some hair spray to finish the look.

For the inside look I did two variations on what they call Victory rolls. I parted the hair in the center and took two sections just behind the ear to the crown to the back of the parting. Then I lightly backcombed each side section to give a base for the roll. I brushed upwards from the ear and downwards from the center part and rolled the hair inwards to the parting to from a long sausage shape. But make sure its quite high up on head so from the front the shape looks nice and square. Using bobby pins and u shaped grips secure the roll in place. I used a little Orbie rock hard gel to smooth the sides and hold them in place. Repeat this on the other side. As for the back I just brushed this back into the wave we had before.

For the second look I used the base of the first victory rolls. I just brushed the front up into rolls joining the side rolls and creating a corner where the two rolls meet. Again make sure you have a nice tight square shape as this is more flattering to the face. To finish use a little hair spray to smooth away any fly aways. 

I the fact that we took a time less classic look and made it our own modern version!!!!!!!!!   

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