Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Devils Double

So last night I attended the New York premier of the spectacular The Devils Double with my good friend and the star of the film Dominic Copper. After giving him a new quiff tasktic haircut at his hotel we then went to do the red carpet where he looked dashingly handsome and nothing like the character i was about to see on screen!!!

The film is about Saddam Hussein's son Uday who to say was crazy would be an understatement. Dominic also plays Uday's double Latif who is a poor soldier who looks just like Uday and is forced into his new roll as his double reluctantly. As the story unfolds we are taken on a roller coaster ride of sex violence and just plan insanity........
All I can say is Dominic performance is flawless in both parts he plays and sometime even had me forgetting he was playing both men!!!!! Its a far cry form Mama Mia folks ha ha.

So please please please go out and support this film its a total must see tell your family friends tweet blog facebook and above all go see it........
Check out the trailer here thedevilsdoublefilm.com

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