Monday, March 14, 2011

A/W 2011 Hair trends!!!!!!

So now that all the shows have taken place and the fashion dust has settled!!!!! Its time to see what the hair gurus gave us on the runways..... Im going to show you my fav looks and also hi-light what i feel were the biggest trends for Fall winter 2011.

So lets start with the trends. For me there were 4 major trends.
The first being pony tails they were hi and perky lo and slick or mid and pin straight.
See here the Louis Vuitton pony it was super slick and pulled back to the crown. And ironed pin straight.
They also did the same hair at Marc Jacobs.
But the ponytail was higher which i feel gives a more youthful feel to the finished look.

GUCCI also did there take on the pony. But there's was a chic low side sweeping part into a low pony very shiny and again super slick, but this time the pony its self was frizzed out and they used feathers as an accessory in the pony which i loved.

Valentino also did ponytails but there's is a low much more romantic and girly one!!!!!! The hair texture was soft and fluffy not to much product used and they had pretty black velvet head bands. Also i love how the side bits were left out to add even more softness.

But for me the CRAZIEST of all the pony's was Mugler as we know the designer Nicola Formichetti enjoys pushing the boundary's and his take on the pony was perky cheerleader meets teenwolf!!!!!!!

My 2nd trend is buns there were many incarnations of the bun. Below are a few of my fav's.
Chanel did a very soft side parted side bun with the front section left out and jewels Incorporated into the bun.......

Donna Karen also did buns but there's was more reminiscent of an SJP Sex and the City number!!!!

Yves Saint Laurent did a super modern take on the bun i think this is my fav bun of the season. Its is slick clean and super sexy to me again i love the little detail of leaving the little side burn piece out. I also love the net over the bun and how the hair covers one ear.

Stella also gave you bun this season but a soft romantic version. With a low side part.

My 3rd trend is partings either it be middle or side or REALLY deep side they were all over the runways this season. As you can see from the trends above partings have played a big part (no pun intended) the side at YSL, Stella, Chanel and Gucci. Or the middle like Valentino and below at Versace.

So that's my trends covered and now on to what made me stop in my tracks as to being creative or just simply WOW-ing me. I have to say that Guido never lets me down he is so creative and i just love his take on hair. And as someone who assisted him on shows a few years ago which was an amazing fun experience i know what im talking about. So its no surprise that he came up with my first fav look of Fall 2011. 

Its for the Dolce show where they played with masculine and feminine mix. Guido created men's quiffs for the boyish looks and romantic soft pulled back looks for the girls.

I just love this look and like how the bulk of the hair is hidden in the french pleat in the back!!!!

SURPRISE SURPRISE my 2nd look yes you guessed it its by Gudio again this time it was the almost punky rockabilly look for PRADA. Again i think i like the masculine feel of this look. I love the pieces on the side that give a sideburn feeling. And i love how the sides are tight to the head and the height on top. I also like the use of a clip to secure the low pony.......

Yes yes i know the 3rd look is by Guido but this look i love just for the fun of it and its MAJOR. Its the grey beehives for Jean Paul Gaultier. I just love the colour shape and its not easy to pull this look off!!!!!!

My last fav is Jill Sanders im not sure who created (it may be Gudio) this look but i think its really cleaver and again i love the shape it gives.

And that's my take on the Fall/Winter 2011 shows. I hope you enjoyed my picks. Keep checking my blog as ill be telling you in my next post how to recreate some of these looks and the best products to use to achieve them.

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  1. This is just great way to keep up to date ... and i always loved a pony tail.. best hair blog i ever read .. John Bland

  2. A proper Pony is never out of style!!! Fabulous blog, Ben! :0)

  3. Great Blog Ben, looking forward to ' How to' and your best products :-) Laura Dee

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  5. Nicola Formichetti/Dolce, Both designers show great hair! Nice blog John...Julio Frias