Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are you a YOGA fan!!!!

Well if you are like myself who travels a lot you know its some times really hard to fit a class in. Since i started doing yoga about 4 years ago which my best mate Miss Cat Deeley introduced me too (may i add after much resistance from me). I become obsessed instantly. Now when in New York I goto the AH-MAZING Elena Brower at  and when in LA me and Cat have the equally wonderful Camilla Bergstrom. Who is the one who go me hooked.

So i guess your wondering where this going??? Well I needed to find some way to get my yoga fix when traveling and my girls Camilla and Elena are not around. Believe me a lot of the place's I go have never even heard of a yoga studio!!!!!! And to be fair I don't have the time to go after a long shoot day. Then Elena introduce me to problem solved !!! Its the most fantastic yoga website with online classes. They set a camera up at the back of the room and record the class. You really feel like your there its great. There are many styles to chose from i practice Anusara. So you just sign up for a small monthly fee and off you go online yoga anywhere anytime genius. So check it out i hope you find it as good as i have.

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