Friday, February 17, 2012

Katy Perry Grammy Looks!!!!!!!

So I'm sorry I'm a bit late posting this but have been cray busy with work. But here are my looks for Katy Perry's amazing Grammys weekend.

The first look is the look we did was for Jay Z's Grammy Brunch at Soho House west hollywood. This was a simple chic blow out which once dried I straightened with the irons I slightly curved the ends under to give a little more polish to the over all look. To finish I used a little hair spray to get rid of any fly away hairs.

Then there were the looks for Grammy day!!!!!! We did two looks the first look was for the red carpet this was a chic up do. Now the following step by step is quite long winded but its worth the time as I'm sure you agree as she looks STUNNING!!!!!!!

Red Carpet :- This was a modern take on a Cinderella princess feel. I dried the hair with a thickening spray to give the hair guts I blew the sides of the hair away from the face and flat to the head. And the top I gave lots of root lift for the quiff vibe. I took a horse shoe section form each temple to the crown and pined this out the away. I then took a centre section down the back of the head then started on one side of the head and back comb the roots from the front hair line to the back center part. Then push away the hair to the side away from the part and pinned a row of bobby pins up along side the part this will give you the anchor for the pins you will use to secure the pleat.
Then brush all the hair back away from the face making sure the sides are very smooth and flat to the head I then twisted the hair into the center part from the nape to the crown making sure most of the hair in the twist ends up at the crown. So it almost looks like an ice cream cone small at the bottom and wider towards the crown. Then use U shaped pins to tuck and tighten the shape into the bobby pins you put in earlier. As you add more pins the shape will get tighter and more secure.
Then repeat this process for the other side but when doing the final pinning with the U shaped pins make sure there is no gap between the two pleats. Then take the top section out. I back combed the roots of this section to give extra height to the quiff part. I then brushed the hair into the desired shape. I wanted it to look quite square but you can soften it up if you like. Once you have the shape you want I rolled the extra hair at th back under and pinned it to the top of the two pleats to make one shape. And finish with hair spray to hold in place.


The perfomance look was pretty simple. I just wanted to accentuate the shape of Katys bob so I used a crimpping iron from the roots of the hair to the ends using hair spray on each section for extra hold. Once the whole head was crimpped I let it cool down and then brushed the hair out really well as you do this the hair will frizz and expand!!! It naturally formed a triangle shape. To finish I used hair spray underneath to help add more width and hold the shape.

I just love working with Katy as she is not afraid to try new things and i think theses three looks are a great way to show how versatile a bob can be......

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