Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spring Summer hair trends for 2012!!!!!

Yes folks its been six months since the fashion carnival last rolled into town. So its now time to give you my runway looks and trends break down on spring summer for 2012.....

There were some pretty strong trends this season starting with variations on pleats twist and quiffs.

At Gucci the woman was a strong rocker with a very tight pulled back shape and lift on top to give a Quiff feeling but not to extreme. They wrapped black PVC around the pony to give more toughness to the look. Then the blonde's had black stripes painted on either side of the head and the dark haired girls got gold stripes to finish off this fierce look. I also love the way the ponytail is tucked under it adds that touch of chic to a hard look.

Rick Owens also went with a Quiff but this was a much more extreme Quiff that had a soft yet hard feel to it. I also like the way its almost a Mohawk with the sides and back keep very close to the head and all the height coming from the top center. I love the wave in the front and then how it disappear's into frizz in the back.

Louis Vuitton had a similar shape but the complete opposite feeling. This girl was very whimsical and romantic. There were no hard slick edges to this do, it was all about soft fluffy texture. But the shape was very strong again pulled back with most of the weigh in the crown area and height on the top. But this was more of a messy pleat than a Quiffy Mohawk!!!!! I'm also loving the girly sparkly head band.

My second big trend is wet looking hair. I love this kind of hair because it can be soft yet hard at the same time.

The first type of wet look was a very sexy messy pinned up do. As seen here at Bottega Veneta

And Dolce

Also Proenza Schouler

I just love the ease of this look and feel its something most women can achieve themselves. Just becareful to make sure it looks sexy wet and not greasy!!!

The other type of wet hair was stronger with more structure tighter to the head on top and mixed wet texture with dry waves.... As seen at Lanvin


And Giambattista Valli

I feel this type of hair is very modern and has a fresh young feel to it....

My last trend is all about shapes!!!!!! At the Jean Paul Gaultier show it was all about a mix of pin up girl meets Rock A Billy Quiff

I love how this look gives a nod to the 50's victory rolls but still looks modern and new.

Over at Jill Sanders they were throwing a different shape!!!! This shape was a 60's futuristic step ford wife. Very solid and structured.

And Fendi was a crazy Alfred Hitchcock the birds Tippi Hedren type of back combed Bouffant.....

So there you have my trends for Spring Summer 2012. I think this season was great with some very strong looks. Have fun playing around and be bold and try something new next season!!!!!!!

All pictures from Style.com

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