Saturday, May 14, 2011

McQueen at the MET SAVAGE BEAUTY!!!!

So I had the pleasure of taking my mate Miss Keira Knightley to the McQueen MET exhibition (she was in town promoting her new film Last Night) . Not only was it the most AMAZING visual feast but we had the curator of the MET Andrew Bolton walk us around on a personal tour!!!!!! I feel this exhibition was a great tribute to Lee who i had the pleasure of knowing personally he was a genius and i worked on many of his shows.
As I walked my way around every dress evoked some form of emotion hope, joy, sadness, dis pare they were all there . The other thing i loved was that they didn't use wigs they enlisted the great Gudio Palau to create mask for the mannequins. He did an amazing job i think Lee would of approved!!!!!! So if your in NYC you have to take time out to see it........ Below is a little taste...

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All images from the met website


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